Training World Class Performers, by utilizing World Class Teachers.
There's no need to settle for the status quo - The Rebels are revolutionizing adolescent theater education, one student at a time.
Meet the founders.
Kellie Carroll
Kellie Carroll has been providing dance and theatrical arts education for the past fifteen years. Her experience includes studying with The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, as well as getting a degree in film from KD Conservatory in Dallas. Kellie has been passionate about dancing for all of her life and has performed alongside notable artists including Destiny's Child, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, and Jessica Simpson; also appearing in films or commercials now and then along the way! She's also spent quite a while performing musicals here in DFW--a total of ten years worth!
Kellie is particularly dedicated to kids' theater education and established Rebel as a more rigorous, healthy alternative to theater training.

Meet the founders.
Lucas Atkins
Lucas is not only a teacher, but also an actor, videographer, photographer and coach. He has taught at The Neighborhood Playhouse and LaGuardia (The Fame) High School in New York City - with great success. Being able to teach alongside industry professionals and sharing his knowledge with up-and-coming kids gives him the opportunity to shape minds for generations to come, one child at a time.
He is passionate about the education process from A-Z; from teaching those who are eager for guidance all the way through rigorously prepping students before they're set out on their own into this competitive world of acting. Teaching art to children who want nothing more than the chance to be great and tell stories is what brings him joy.
The Rebel Advisory Board.