19 - 21 | JULY | 2024
Why be a part of the movement?
Because it's time to rebel against the rulebook. It's time to rewrite theatre training.
Triple Threat Training shouldn't be one size fits all. In fact, performers need way more than just the 3 disciplines, let's be honest. To write your story and rewrite the rules : what do training do YOU need? How does the industry work for you and THEN, you'll work in the industry!
Industry Insights
Industry Insights

Directors, Producers, Performers, Broadway, Film / Television, Tech, Health, Agents, College Advisors and Staff Members.
Wellness and Health
Wellness and Health

We encouage mental health and promote emotional wellbeing being opening candid conversations with Broadway Performers and Professionals, Health Advisors and Professionals, and work to bring focus to the whole performer, not just their talent.
Networking Opportunities
Networking Opportunities

Meet the people who have been where you are. Audition for the people that you will one day work beside.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth

Be brave. Be a Rebel. Be YOU. What it means to be a rebel should be unique and special and personal to each individual performer.
Experience Tuitions
Choose what works best for you for your Rebel Experience!
Lil' Rebels Experience
For Rebels, ages 6-8. This is for Rebels ready for fun, experience, and education!
  • Access to all classes in age group
  • Guardian wristband included
  • Parent Track
  • Auditions
  • 2 Parent Tracks Free if booked hotel
Convention Classic
For Rebels, ages 8-19. Classes divided by levels and ages and interests!
  • Access to all classes in age group
  • Guardian wristband included
  • Student access to observe auditions
  • Parent Track
  • Auditions
Rebel Elevated Experience
For Rebels, ages 8-19. Parent Track and Auditions!
  • Access to all classes in age group
  • 1 Parent Track wristband included
  • Student participation in auditions
  • Personal feedback from auditions
  • 1 Guardian wristband included
Rebel Immersed Experience
For Rebels, ages 8-19. Should you book rooms with the Hotel Host, receive Rebel benefits and discounts!
  • Access to all classes in age group
  • 2 Parent Track wristband included
  • Student participation in auditions
  • Personal feedback from auditions
Parent Track
For Rebel Parents and Guardians! Take part in your own workshops and seminars that benefit this artistic life!
  • Observation to all classes
  • Participation in full Parent Track
  • Purchase 2, addtional are $5 only
  • Observation in auditions
Host Hotel
$150 - $250
Estimates for staying in the Rebel Host Hotel. Each experience is different, what's included, and the benefits.
  • Adds to rest and easier mornings
  • Adds to experience and immersion
  • Provides Discounts
  • Never Required
650 N Pearl St, Dallas, TX 75201
It's all in the details.
You Matter Too
Tuition Breakdown
The guest list!
From Broadway - to Colleges - to Agents - to Advisors - to Speakers - to Directors and more! More guests to be announced soon!
Due to the demands of the Industry and Performances, guest artists may or may not change up to 48 hours prior to the event.
Frequently asked Questions
My performer is 5 years old.
If you have a mature 5 year that you'd like to be considered for the convention, please reach out to kellie@rebeltheatrics.com. Your child can have a complimentary audition (in-person) or digitally to see if they are ready for the weekend and/or auditions!
Where does my 8 year old fit?
Sometime, 8 year olds prefer younger friends and enviorments. Sometimes performers are 8 years old, going on 40. Your 8 year old can try the older groups and/or younger groups. They will be allowed in both and can feel it out for themselves.
Are all classes equal in level?
Classes will be divided primarily by age : but also by level, experience, grenre, etc. There is something for everyone; it's a musical theatre buffet! Find the classes in your age bracket that feel like the best fit for you! We have classes for those brand new to theatre, and some that have been career training for Broadway since they were 4!
Why do some classes have caps?
Some of our guests request a max cap on their classes in orer to provide the best possible experience and education. Early birds get the benefits! Addtionally classes may be offered should the waitlist be large enough!
Can I get a refund?
Rebel Theatrics does not offer refunds for conventions and doesn't have the ability to navigate any cancellations with Host HOtels.
When will we know who the guests are?
Rebel guests are always elite and exceptional. We don't post a final schedule until 1-2 weeks before. Because our guests are working professionals in the industry, they could get called to another gig at amy moment. At one convention, one of our guests got a call from HBO, so yeah, she had to fly back! But we can assure you, the list is always special and the experience is always worth it!
Can we participate in just the auditions?
You cannot just purchase a package to participate in just the auditions. We fully believe in the whole experience. Should you not attend any workshops and just audition, we won't stop you, but it may or may not have a reflection on the audition results.
Can I drop off my kid for the day?
Rebel Theatrics is not responsible for the attendance, location, or participation of your child. We request that if you child is under 9, you monitor your performer or have a group guardian who oversees a small group of performers. We do not take attendance; performers are free to enter and exit (per discretion of the door monitor) as they wish; students are in charge of their own snacks, water, and meals. See more in the Footer / Safety / Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.