Merging artistry, humanity, and emotional health.
Our Story.
There are many wonderful studios and theatres across North Texas (and the country, for that matter) that provide training, production experience, technique ... However, the INDUSTRY is demanding more and more from artists, more than what has been the tradition mold for Triple Threat training. We want to have a training program that fills in the gabs of what is still needed for young artists, striving to discover themselves and find a future in this business. In a world where artistis are continuously questioning themselves, their ability, their worth, their furture, we wanted to stop the overwhelming question of, "how do I make myself fit in the Industry" and start asking, "how can the Industry fit for me?"
Artists are asked and expected to give so much of themselves, physically and emotionally, for the sake of telling a story, truthfully and fully. And then we walk out the stage door into a society that doesn't always support what we're feeling - eesh, put those feelings away! So the internal confusion for an artist to feel and be vulnerable and bravely tell stories but then turn around and not know how how to be brave enough to tell their OWN story, know how they are off the stage, feel safe enough to tell their OWN feelings ... well ... here we are. This is what Lucas and Kellie wanted to talk about. Rebel against the demands of the Industry that has the potentional to rob the joy from this profession. Strip down the ideals that our worth is twisted within what casting you receive, what job you have next, from wearing your stress as a badge of honor.
Why are we doing that? Why must artists be starving, feel neglected, or feel insecure in order to feel as if they are succeeding? If the lead isn't stressed, well, do they really care? REDEFINE THAT. No, rebel against the tradition.
We want a movement. We want nourishing. We want elevated, modern, up-to-date training. We want to prepare the next generation of artists to disregard that "survival mode" the only mode.

Lucas and Kellie met at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. We connected through our passion for what we do, for performing, teaching, inspiring, and both eager to become our healthiest and happiest selves. We were confronted with struggles and challenges in our personal lives , which further propelled us to be, not just excellent instructors, but motivators and mentors. Rebel brought us back to ourselves. Rebel put the spark back into our daily lives. Rebel brought safety back into our craft.
We work because we challenge each other. We are each uniquely and elaborately creative. We like to make magic. We don't fit the mold of standard. We work because at the base of all our lessons, we have the goal to leave a student feeling loved, not just advanced.
When trying something unknown, creating something new, the base of a partnership has to be bricked with trust. We trust ourselves, we trust each other, and we trust the power and necessity of Rebel.
We will be committed to continued learning in order to best serve our students and their education. We will be committed to introducing new teaching methods and customized methods that fit the individual student and not just the past expectations of the Industry. We are committed to keeping focus on health, creativity, passion, and the potential of each student. We are committed to creating something bigger than ourselves, a movement, an empowerment. We are committed to putting the personal back into the buisness.

Kellie Carroll
For over seventeen years, Kellie Carroll has been a luminary in the field of dance and theatrical arts education. Her journey began with a film degree from KD Conservatory in Dallas and culminated in the hallowed halls of The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. But her education was just the prelude to a career marked by both breadth and depth.
Kellie isn't just an educator; she's a performer who has shared the stage with industry icons like Destiny's Child, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, and Jessica Simpson. Her prowess extends beyond the live stage into the realms of film and commercials, showcasing a versatility that's as impressive as it is rare.
But where Kellie truly comes alive is in the world of musical theater, especially here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a decade's worth of performances under her belt, she understands the local theater landscape intimately.
Yet, for Kellie, the spotlight has never been the ultimate goal. Her true calling lies in children's theater education. It's this dedication that led her to co-found Rebel Theatrics. Seeing a need for a more rigorous yet emotionally healthy approach to youth theater training, she envisioned Rebel as the answer—a place where young artists could not only develop their skills but also grow as complete, well-rounded individuals.
Her specialized expertise in narrative dance complements the Rebel Methodology perfectly, offering students a unique lens through which to explore their artistic identities. Kellie Carroll is not just a co-founder; she's the heartbeat of Rebel Theatrics, embodying our commitment to holistic education and artistic excellence.
Lucas Atkins
Lucas is a man of many talents—teacher, actor, videographer, photographer, and coach—but at the core of each role is a singular mission: to shape the next generation of artistic minds. His teaching credentials are both broad and deep, including stints at esteemed institutions like The Neighborhood Playhouse and LaGuardia High School in New York City. Teaching alongside industry professionals has not only honed his own skills but also enriched his capacity to mold young talent.
For Lucas, education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor but a comprehensive process. He thrives on guiding those who are thirsty for knowledge and takes special pride in rigorously preparing students for the fiercely competitive world of acting. His passion isn't just for the craft but for the entire educational journey—from the first tentative steps of a novice to the confident strides of a student ready to make their own mark in the world.
What truly fuels Lucas is the opportunity to teach art to children who possess an insatiable desire to tell stories, to be great. Each child represents a unique narrative, a singular opportunity to make an indelible impact. It's this joy in educating, in shaping each student's individual story, that makes Lucas not just a co-founder but the soul of Rebel Theatrics.
Together with Kellie, Lucas completes the yin and yang of Rebel Theatrics' educational philosophy, ensuring that students experience a holistic, well-rounded training that prepares them not just for the stage, but for life itself.
Our Teaching Philosophy, One.
Fear works faster, but love lasts longer.
Artistis are storytellers. The story will be our guiding light. And as we learn to tell stories, we learn to be brave enough to tell our own.

Our Teaching Philosophy, Two.
A Comprehensive Approach to Performing Arts Education That Prioritizes Personal Connection, Emotional Intelligence, and Skill Mastery
Introduction to the Rebel Methodology: Tailored Learning Through Personal Connection
At the heart of our teaching philosophy lies a commitment to personalized education. We believe that the path to mastering the performing arts is as unique as each student who walks through our doors. That's why we start every educational journey with one-on-one consultations to understand the specific aspirations, strengths, and challenges of each individual. This allows us to tailor our approach to what truly motivates them, using that intrinsic drive as a catalyst for amplifying their skills.
Smaller class sizes are not a logistical coincidence but a pedagogical choice. They enable us to have frequent emotional and mental check-ins, ensuring that our students are not just technically sound but also emotionally balanced and mentally focused. This is particularly vital in an art form that demands as much emotional vulnerability as it does technical prowess.
Communication with parents is another cornerstone of our approach. We consider parents to be partners in this educational journey. Regular updates and consultations ensure that everyone is aligned on the student's progress, challenges, and upcoming milestones. This triad of student-teacher-parent communication creates a supportive ecosystem that is indispensable for sustainable growth in the demanding world of performing arts.
Conventions, Limited Series, and Rebel Retreats
Conventions: An immersive experience for rapid skill acquisition and a celebration of the theater community.
Limited Series: Short-term, intensive courses that turbo-charge specific skills without pulling students away from their ongoing theater commitments.
Rebel Retreats: A week-long getaway focused on emotional rejuvenation and reconnection with the core love for theater.
The Unifying Theme: Holistic Development
Our diverse offerings coalesce around the goal of holistic education. From the classroom to the stage, and from the heart to the mind, we aim to develop complete artists—individuals who excel in their craft while possessing the emotional intelligence and resilience to navigate the complexities of life.
Our Board of Advisors