Rebel Theatrics: Where Theater Meets Well-Being
Conservatory-Level Theater Training That Nurtures the Whole Person.
How Rebel Theatrics Fosters Resilient Artists and Builds Confident Leaders
Join Rebel Founders Kellie Carroll and Lucas Atkins as they unveil the essence of Rebel Theatrics—a transformative space for young, aspiring artists. This is theater training reimagined for the 21st century, where we fuse cutting-edge methods with emotional coaching. With mentors bringing 27 years of professional experience to the table, we do more than teach lines and choreography. Discover how Rebel is crafting not just skilled performers, but resilient artists and confident leaders prepared for life's grand, unpredictable stage.
Rebel Conventions
Aprril 19th - 21st
Ready to redefine your artistic journey? Join Rebel Founders Kellie Carroll and Lucas Atkins for a sneak peek into Rebel Convention—a three-day experience like no other. Elevate your craft, discover groundbreaking techniques, and unlock emotional resilience. From Broadway masterclasses to life-changing workshops, this isn't just another convention. This is where performers become forces. Intrigued? Your next level awaits. Watch now.
New: Rebel Heart Retreat!
Ready for an artistic adventure that transcends the ordinary? Get a glimpse of the Rebel Heart Retreat—a six-day artistic sanctuary under the Oklahoma sun. This isn't just training; it's transformation. With limited spots, we offer targeted training from sunrise workshops to starlit mastery sessions. Intrigued? Your transformation can't be put into words, but it will be felt in every performance. Limited spots. Limitless potential. Watch now
Why Choose Rebel?
We Understand You Have Many Options in the DFW Area—Here's Why Rebel Theatrics Stands Apart:
Transformative Acting and Dance Mastery