Artists are storytellers. The story will be our guiding light. And as we learn to tell stories, we learn to be brave enough to tell our own.
How Rebel Theatrics Fosters Resilient Artists and Builds Confident Leaders.
Join Rebel Founders Kellie Carroll and Lucas Atkins as they unveil the essence of Rebel Theatrics—a transformative space for young, aspiring artists. This is theater training reimagined for the 21st century, where we fuse cutting-edge methods with emotional coaching.
With mentors bringing 27 years of professional experience to the table, we do more than teach lines and choreography. Discover how Rebel is crafting not just skilled performers, but resilient artists and confident leaders prepared for life's grand, unpredictable stage.
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Elevate your craft, discover groundbreaking techniques, and unlock emotional resilience. From Broadway masterclasses to life-changing workshops, this is an experience.
This is where performers become forces.
Rebel Up to LEVEL UP!
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Why Choose Rebel?
We Understand You Have Many Options in the DFW Area—Here's Why Rebel Theatrics Stands Apart:
Transformative Theatrical Training
We offer a multi-dimensional lessons that aim to empower students to take accountability of their success and grow into offering captivating, emotionally resonant performances. This isn't just about learning lines or steps; it's about excelling in the art of authentic expression.
Holistic Approach to Mental Wellbeing
Mental fortitude is as crucial as talent in the performing arts. We integrate emotional resilience training into our programs, teaching students to reframe their relationship with success, the stage, and their valuable self worth.
Parental Involvement and Education
The journey to becoming a successful performer is a collaborative effort that extends to the whole family. We offer resources and workshops to include guardians who aim to support their aspiring artists. From understanding the emotional tiers of the performing arts, navigating wins and losses, and to finding their own reassurance, we work to back the parents that are the backbone of their child's happiness and success.
Community of Constructive Progress
Our emphasis is on fostering an environment where creativity flourishes with the freedom of self celebration. With a strong focus on a growth mindset, students learn to appreciate the value of constructive criticism and ongoing improvement. At Rebel Theatrics, you're not just joining a theater school; you're becoming part of a community committed to excellence and mutual support of each young artist.
Guidance at Every Step
From Conventions and Retreats to Limited Series and Private Coaching, We're Always Available to Help You Navigate Your Options. We're committed to ensuring that your child receives the most enriching experience possible, tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. Reach out with any questions you have; we promise to provide the clarity and direction that will empower your child to flourish both on and off the stage.
Kellie & Lucas
Rebel showed me that being myself is enough. Mr. Lucas and Ms. Kellie are two of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met and i have never had better mentors in my life. Learning at rebel isn’t learning, its living and laughing and having fun with your family. I have become so much more motivated in everything I do because of them. Rebel is truly the best environment for a young actor looking for a seat at the professional table. They teach you how to be your own advocate and how to stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t waste a second in recommending rebel to other actors in my life. I believe that rebel is one of the top three greatest things I have in my whole life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Brenna Marie Stewart
- OG Rebel.