Rebel Convention.

Your 3 Day Musical Theater Intensive.
Are you ready to kickstart your career in musical theater?
If so, then come join us for three days of non-stop singing and dancing! We'll teach you everything from audition techniques to stage combat. Plus, we'll provide real-world advice from professionals who've been there before - all while having fun at our Musical Theater Convention.
At Rebel Conventions, we know that no one succeeds without having their mental health taken care of first. That's why we offer classes and seminars for parents who want to learn how to handle their kids' anxiety at home. Plus, we have emotional and mental check-ins throughout the entire event so that everyone feels safe talking about their struggles - because those are the people who need our help the most! And finally, this year we're adding additional networking opportunites so that you can find other like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends along the way!
World Class Teachers
Our immersive classes create a world-class experience for the performer, who will be mentored by master teachers from Film, Television, and Broadway. Classes are tailored to their craft and designed to help them take their career to the next level.
Actionable solutions to real-world obstacles.
Outside of our outstanding classes, we offer artist services, panel discussions, and other tools to gain clarity in the performing arts industry. Our mission is to help you discover your passion and get you moving forward into your dream.
It’s a whole family affair!
Our parent track features seminars and classes dedicated to preparing young performers' families to support their child through the rigors of an actor’s life – whether that means auditioning, working in show biz, or managing an acting career.