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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday , different cities, unique and transformative process. Education, Elevation, Experience.
Broadway Performers and Professionals, College Advisors and Musical Theatre BFA Directors, Industy Leaders such as Agents, Casting Directors, Producers, Film / Television Directors.
Workshops for students and parents, auditions in front of Agents, Broadway Performers, Directors and more - for experience, training networking, and opportunity, discussions and encouragements of emotional wellbeing for a heathly lifestyle and future career.
Are you ready to kickstart your career in musical theater?
Ready to amplify your talents and enrich your spirit? Join us for a dynamic three-day immersion in song, dance, and so much more at Rebel Convention. Here, we understand that mastery extends beyond the stage; it's a holistic endeavor. That's why we go beyond teaching just audition techniques and workshops; we provide invaluable insights from industry veterans.
But the revolution doesn't stop there. Recognizing that mental well-being is the linchpin of artistic success, we offer parent-centric seminars to equip you with strategies for managing performance anxiety as a family. Throughout the event, we facilitate emotional and mental check-ins, creating a safe space for candid discussions, because those wrestling with challenges are the ones we're most committed to uplifting.
Connect with kindred spirits, forge lasting friendships, and expand your creative tribe. Ready to redefine what it means to be an artist? Join us at Rebel Conventions and be part of the paradigm shift.
World Class Teachers
Our immersive classes create a world-class experience for the performer, who will be mentored by master teachers from Film, Television, and Broadway. Classes are tailored to their craft and designed to help them take their career to the next level.
Actionable solutions to real-world obstacles.
Outside of our outstanding classes, we offer artist services, panel discussions, and other tools to gain clarity in the performing arts industry. Our mission is to help you discover your passion and get you moving forward into your dream.
It’s a whole family affair!
Our parent track features seminars and classes dedicated to preparing young performers' families to support their child through the rigors of an actor’s life – whether that means auditioning, working in show biz, or managing an acting career.
Ready to ignite your transformation?
Mark your calendars because the journey begins on October 25th—that's when registration officially kicks off! But that's just the start; by December, we'll unveil the breathtaking location, introduce you to our handpicked faculty, and give you a sneak peek into the program's groundbreaking details. And keep your eyes peeled for January, when we'll reveal our full, star-studded faculty lineup. The stage is set, the spotlight is on, and your transformative journey is just a click away. Ready to be a trailblazer? Sign up for our mailing list below to secure your spot at the forefront of this transformative experience.